Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hiking adventures: 365 pictures

OF COURSE I'm in none of my pictures. I think some of my family got some of me. lolol
I have NO IDEA why half of my pictures are so blurry. But I'm going to post them too, and explain them.

All of these picture are from the first waterfall we saw. Yes, it is completely frozen.
This one is Ron standing on a water fall holding ice. It's blurry.

These  next few are looking down at the water fall:

And these are Ron adventurously climbing up the side of the small frozen water fall.

This was the next water fall, and Ron climbing, of course.

This was the ice just on the rock vertically right to the left of on. Got my hands on it so you can tell how thick it was:

This is a layer of ice I could stick my hand under. So clear!

This was right under I was standing. The ice was so thick we could walk on it. But there was a hole right by the rock to see under the ice. Running water!

Here's another water fall the guys climbed all over. That's a huge frozen fall right to the left of them! So awesome! Ron couldn't sit still for a second!

This is the top of the mountain. they just climbed up the side. I think Ron has something against trails. He's just so adventurous! He gets so excited about stuff and just want to explore. I was standing below. Had to zoom in pretty far to see him, but that's him at the top, waving his hat!

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