1. Vitamin E oil
    -People tend to think that in order to avoid acne, they should strip all of the oil off of their skin. This is simply not true. Your skin needs a certain amount of oil to be healthy, and if you take it away, your skin will think it needs to produce more oil than necessary in order to keep healthy.
    My skin is, naturally, a bit on the oily side. Although, since I've been putting a drop or two of vitamin E oil  on my face every time I wash it, my skin has become a lot more healthy.
  2. Aloe Vera
    -Naturally very healing, a great moisturizer. Tones down swelling, soothes burns, scrapes, and acne.
  3. Tea Tree Oil
    - Tea tree oil is actually 3 times as healing as aloe vera! Every time I was my face, I squirt a little bit of aloe vera gel (no color or scent) in my hand and add a drop or two of both tea tree and vitamin E oils.

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