Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Experimenting with needle Felting | How To

Well, I had a blank sheet of brown felt, ordered from Hart's Fabric. I made needle booklet out of a small piece of it, thought I should do some needle felting on the rest of it.
To begin with, here are the BASICS OF NEEDLE FELTING:


Felting Mat, Needle Felting tool. This is what mine look like:

You'll also need some, WOOL. It works better if it is unspun.
Here's what mine looks like, (I've got tons of the stuff.)

Basically, you just poke the wool with your needle in the shape you want it. It's easy. But, it is difficult to achieve what you want. The CONCEPT is easy, I should say.

I wanted the same bird as the one tattooed on my arm. I drew the shape on a piece of paper, cut it out, and traced it on the felt mat. With black pen ink. 

And Then I just started felting. I thought the finished product kinda looks like a seal. What do you think? Maybe if you tilt your head to the left? ha

Anyway, I also decided to outline it with blue embroidery thread. Looks pretty. It would go nicely in a baby boy's room, I think. I need a frame.

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