Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Experiencing Photography Class

Well, I'm taking my very first photography class, and I've been really loving it, a lot. And really getting into it. My friend, Ronnie, is a professional photographer, and I've been her official assistant for a few months or so. She's independent, Ronnie Potts Photography.
 She tends to belittle her photography, but she's really fairly brilliant.
I've only gone through two projects in photography class, and just received my third assignment.

Here are some of the pictures I've taken during, and before I started photography class:

'Portraits,' Kaylee Wedde, June 2012
'Portraits,' Self Portrait, Sept 2012

Ronnie, in action! Picture by Me.
Project 1: "Something On Water"

Project 1: "Something Old"

Project 1: "Someone Enjoying Something"

Project 1: The Past
Pink-nose, summer 2012

"The Barn" summer 2012

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