Sunday, November 27, 2011

My first skein of yarn!

I finished my first skein! I love it, it's beautiful. I'm going to make a headband for winter with it.

The brown is alpaca, and the pink/red I plied it with is synthetic fiber.

Speaking of spinning, I've not gotten a chance to show off my spinning wheel!
My soon-to-be-aunt forwarded me an email saying that she knew someone who was giving away a loom, I contacted her, came to her house, and she wound up giving me a tabletop loom, a Navajo loom, and spinning wheel.
I looked it up online, turns out, it's a Clemes & Clemes spinning wheel, they started making them in 1970, and if I bought it new today, it would cost $985. What a steal. She just gave it to me. Solid Maple wood. It's so nice.

I LOVE my spinning wheel.

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